Our Purpose

Over one million of our ancestors served their nation, and we who are linked to them are duty bound to preserve their memory.  Each one is to be recognized and given the due honor that, for many, was denied them in life.

We cannot rewrite our history.  We must seek to fully preserve it in any form.  Part of our written and visual history is the final resting places of those who sacrificed all for the Cause in which they believed.

Each prior generation has given us a very precious heritage.  With that heritage comes the responsibility to protect and preserve the memories and monuments of all who served their nation.

Confederate Hill embodies the zenith of our duty to honor our ancestors, preserve our history, and respect our heritage.  Confederate Hill contains the earthly remains and historic stones of 610 Soldiers, Sailors, and one Marine.

In their name, we are asking for your help.

The marker of S. D. Mothershead is fairly typical of the condition in which the markers on Confederate Hill will be found today.


The markers on Confederate Hill, in a tight formation, as if on perpetual parade.


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