See Alphabetical Roster here for more information.  Not all units in which “Confederate Hill” veterans served may be included in this list.




1st AL; 4th Jeff Davis Art.; 5th AL; 6th AL; 11th AL; 12th AL; 46th AL; 47th AL





7th AR Cav.; 14th AR Inf.; 19th AR Inf.;





5th FL; 8th FL





2nd GA Art.; 3rd GA; 5th GA Res.; 7th GA; 8th GA Inf.; 11th GA; 12th GA Inf.; 13th GA; 17th GA Inf.; 18th GA; 21st GA; 22nd GA; 24th GA; 28th GA; 31st GA; 38th GA; 41st GA; 49th GA; 53rd GA; 64th GA; 92nd GA; Phillips Legion; Jackson' Co. GA Inf.





2nd KY Cav.; Co. C 15th KY Cav.; Cobb's KY Bty.





1st LA Inf.; 5th LA Inf.; 6th LA Inf.; 8th LA; 14th LA; Louisiana Tiger's; McLean's LA Inf.; Washington Art.; Wise Legion,





1st MD Art.; 1st MD Cav.; 1st MD Inf.; 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light); 2nd MD Cav.; 2nd MD Inf.; 4th MD Art. (Chesapeake); Barry's Co. MD Vol.; Maryland Flying Art.; Purcell's Bty.;





7th MO Cav.; Coleman's Cav. Reg.





8th MS; 11th MS; 13th MS Inf.; 17th MS Inf.; 22nd MS Inf.; 24th MS; 28th MS Cav.; 30th MS





1st NC Inf.; 2nd NC Inf.; 3rd NC; 4th NC Inf.; 5th NC Inf.; 6th NC; 7th NC Inf.; 8th NC Cav.; 11th NC Inf.; 12th NC Inf.; 13th NC Inf.; 17th NC; 21st NC; 24th NC; 25th NC Inf.; 26th NC Inf.; 27th NC Inf.; 28th NC; 30th NC Inf.; 37th NC; 38th NC; 45th NC; 46th NC; 47th NC Inf.; 51st NC; 52nd NC; 54th NC Inf.; 57th NC; 66th NC; 67th NC Inf.; Thomas Legion




1st SC Art.; 1st SC Inf.; 2nd SC Cav.; 3rd SC; 4th SC Cav.; 4th SC; 8th SC; 11th SC; 12th SC; 13th SC Inf.; 14th SC Inf.; 15th SC Heavy Art.; 18th SC; 20th SC; 21st SC Inf.; 22nd SC; 27th SC Inf.; Hampton's Legion; Watkin's SC Legion





1st TN Inf.; 4th TN Inf.; 7th TN Inf.; 12th TN Cav.; 18th TN; 21st TN Cav.; 26th TN; 60th TN Inf.; 44th TN; Hawkin's TN





5th TX Inf.; Teal's Art.





1st VA Cav.; 1st VA Inf.; 1st Richmond Howitzers; 2nd VA Inf.; 3rd VA Cav.; 3rd VA Inf.; 3rd Rgt. Richmond Defenses; 4th VA Cav.; 4th VA; 5th VA Cav.; 5th VA Inf.; 6th VA Inf.; 7th VA Cav.; 7th VA Inf.; 8th VA Inf; 9th VA Cav.; 9th VA Inf.; 10th VA Cav.; 10th VA Inf.; 11th VA Inf.; 12th VA Cav.; 12th VA Inf.; 13th VA Cav.; 13th VA Inf.; 14th VA Art.; 14th VA Inf.; 15th VA Inf.; 16th VA; 17th VA Cav.; 17th VA Inf.; 18th VA Cav.; 18th VA Bn. Inf.; 19th Bty., VA Hvy. Art.; 21st VA Inf.; 22nd VA; 23rd Bn., VA Cav.; 23rd VA; 24th VA Inf.; 25th VA Inf.; 26th VA Inf.; 28th VA Regt.; 30th VA Inf. Bn.; 31st VA Inf.; 32nd VA Inf.; 34th VA Cav.; 34th VA Inf.; 35th VA Cav.; 35th VA Inf.; 38th VA Inf.; 40th VA Inf.; 42nd VA; 43rd VA Cav.; 44th VA; 45th VA Cav.; 47th VA Inf.; 49th VA Inf.; 50th VA; 53rd VA Inf.; 54th VA; 55th VA Inf.; 56th VA Inf.; 57th VA; 58th VA; 59th VA.; Armistead Bty.; Breathed's Bty.; Chew's Bty.; Cooper's Bty.; Hood's Bn. Res.; Kirkpatrick's VA Bn.; Mahone's Bgd.; Norfolk Light Artillery; Otey Bty.; Poage's Bty.; Richmond Howitzers; Staunton Hill Art.; Stuart's Horse Art.; Thomas Art.


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