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Sons of Confederate Veterans
Capt. James I. Waddell, CSN, Camp #1608
Annapolis, Maryland

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2013 Camp Officers

Commander: Dennis Cockrell   (410) 255-8321
Lt. Commander: Brian Gehrt bsgehrt@comcast.net (410) 991-1526
Adjutant: Brandon Gehrt BrandonGehrt@gmail.com (240) 299-9879
Treasurer: Tim Shenk tshenk@verizon.net (410) 747-3510
Quartermaster: Paul Huhn paul7tenn@yahoo.com (410) 913-9735
Chaplain: Vacant    
Color Sergeant: Vacant    
Camp Webmaster: Keith Gary webmaster@mdscv.org

For more information about the Sons of Confederate Veterans or the Waddell Camp,
feel free to conact any of our officers by either email or phone. We would love to hear from you.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, including the Capt. James I . Waddell, CSN, Camp 1608, denounce racism, racial supremacists, hate groups and any other group or individual that misuses or desecrates the symbols of the Confederate States or of the United States.

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